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Have you heard about Go Wild Casino? While it’s not a top-tier platform that is well-known for every casino games fan, this site actually has lots of loyal customers and active players who have made it their favorite casino. The service has lots of appealing and promising features, including nice bonuses, carefully selected games of chance, and a nice level of safety that attracts lots of new players. The casino has nice rates at almost every Go Wild Casino review, so it’s no surprise why some Canadian gamblers would like to try it out. But is it as good as it seems to be?

Gambling is a pretty risky hobby, and everyone knows that. It’s a great pastime activity for people who understand how this business works and what to expect from it, so they can be both moderately risky and careful with what they do to succeed. Nowadays, most casinos support Responsible Gambling and remind players to be patient and reasonable with their finances, but what about a casino that openly tells you to go wild? Let’s find out more about this platform in this Go Wild casino review!

A bit more about the service

Go Wild Online Casino is a pretty time-tested platform that has already proven that it has enough experience and potential to be pretty big. It was made back in 2008, and it was quality checked by two pretty famous authorities – MGA and UKGC. These companies have checked the website and its main features to conclude that it deserves a sign of quality, so it has two licenses. Even this fact on its own makes lots of players sure that they can play there pretty safely, and they are right. Go Wild Casino isn’t a service that is known for being in a center of any huge scandal.

While this platform isn’t officially open for Canada, lots of players still play there – there’s always a way for a person who wants it. The service also has lots of deposit methods, a solid collection of games, and plenty of other nice features to interest its potential new customers. The casino is also connected to another famous platform – WildJackSpot casino.

But every Go Wild Casino review should have some information about its controversial features and the decisions the casino’s owners have made that the customers hated. When you read the comments, some of its ex-users claim the casino sometimes make up reasons not to pay the winnings (it’s usually about the possible money washing and payment methods issues) and bet limits that appear after you win something valuable. For some reason, the casino limits its clients’ bets after they win. The customer support team says that these bets are temporary, and they will disappear later after you play more, but most customers aren’t really happy for that, so they don’t want to continue playing there after that.

Does that mean that Go Wild Online Casino is a scam? Not really – lots of users who leave comments claim that they’ve won something there and got their money. But you should really read the terms and conditions first to be prepared for what the casino may or may not do in advance.

PC and Mobile access

When you visit any casino for the first time, you notice the design and the user interface that makes or breaks the platform. Go Wild Casino has a nice website with a bright and recognizable design, and it clearly has its own style. But is it convenient to use the platform?

PC access

Like most other online gambling services, Go Wild Casino is dedicated to PC users in the first place. People with laptops and desktop computers can navigate the platform easily, and they can enjoy all the content the casino provides. The casino’s collection of games is easily available for the PC users, and you don’t even need to download any software to play it – the games are instant.

The casino has a nice design with a bright black-and-yellow logo that is easy to remember: a black rounded square with the letters and a little black spade in it. The casino’s design doesn’t make your eyes too tired, and it’s easy to find all the important categories of the website quickly. The casino’s menu has various types of games, a sign-up button, some info about the casino’s bonuses and special offers – and you can get to any part of the service in just a few clicks.

Mobile access

If you want to enjoy Go Wild mobile casino, then you can go both ways – you can download a special app or just visit the mobile version of the website. Both options are actually delightful: the website is well-adapted to relatively small mobile displays, so you can not only easily read any text and click the buttons, but also play some games.

Speaking about the games – the mobile version doesn’t support the full collection of the casino’s games, but you still can play about 70 titles and win money, which is nice. You can also change your account settings, make bets, made deposits and withdraw your winnings, and you can generally stay tuned wherever you are. The only thing you really need is a good and stable Internet connection, and you can play and win basically wherever you are.

Bonuses and promotions

A good bonus is basically everything a casino needs to attract new clients. Generous and unique bonuses are the best ads, so this service also has its special Go Wild Casino bonus to keep you interested. Like most other services, it’s only available to the new players, so you have to have a fresh and clean account made on a new device to activate it – or you can skip it, if you have your reasons, of course.

The service’s new player gift gives you Go Wild Casino free spins to enjoy. It’s 55 of them, actually – and you can claim them all, or just 10 spins – that’s the minimum deposit the casino takes. Every dollar you spend there is automatically converted into free spins up to 55, and you can use them on a popular casino game named Starburst to increase your chances to win. This bonus has its own special requirements – for example, you should use these spins in 3 days, and you can win up to $100 with them in total. It’s not much, but it’s free – so why not using this opportunity to make more money?

Go Wild casino adds more promotions regularly, so it’s recommended to check it occasionally, so you won’t miss something potentially delicious. The service has standard deposit matchers, and it can also have special promotions that are time-limited – that’s how the casino teaches its users to visit the website from time to time. One of the latest deposit bonuses matched your deposits up to $3,500 in total with 35x rollover – and that’s a pretty promising deal for some players. If you’re interested in more deals like that one, then stay tuned and check the service from time to time.

To conclude, the casino has pretty nice promotions that can satisfy both newbies and experienced gamblers looking for more fun and profits, so the casino is probably worth your attention.


A good casino has to have lots of games – but does it really need thousands of titles? Most studies claim that too many options make it even harder to pick something you really like. That’s why not every casino requires that many titles – a few hundreds is usually more than enough. On the other hand, thousands of games attract new curious players, and it’s even a bit of a must-have for every popular online casino, so Go Wild had to provide a great games collection to be taken seriously.


Slots are the biggest part of every casino’s collection. They are pretty easy to produce, they are typically well-designed and visually attractive, and it’s easy for everyone to find a title that they really like. Some slots have themes, some of them are even based on popular movies or TV shows, so players feel more entertained while making money. Go Wild has a great collection of titles – the old-school Classic ones, the 3D games and the Video titles. The last ones are the most advanced and visually stunning: they not only have the best effect and graphics, but also more reels and paylines, bonuses and additional mini-games.

Table games

If you’re a good table game player, then you’ll find lots of great content there. It has almost every type of game you know, including their versions from different countries, so it’s easy to find something you know how to play well. These games require some experience and skills, so make sure you know the rules well and probably know some betting strategies to succeed.

Live games

If regular table and card games seem too boring to you, then you can play their live versions. These games are operated by real professional dealers, so you can get more fun. These games are mostly about new experiences and entertainment, and the high-quality software makes them even more enjoyable and easy to operate.


Good and time-tested providers guarantee that the games you play are legit: it’s not only about their convenience and design, but also about their high RTP rates and real chances to win. Go Wild works with developers that have great reputations: Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, and others – all these companies are famous all over the world for hundreds of great titles they’ve made. Therefore, you can be completely sure that these games don’t want to compromise your chances to win or make it harder for you to succeed – everything is fair and random as it should be.

Some players might think that it’s kinda boring that most popular casinos have basically the same games to enjoy, but that’s actually a good thing. Popular titles made by well-known providers are already tested by millions of players all over the world, while unique and less known titles aren’t. Some small casinos even create their own exclusive games, and that’s always a bit risky to play there, because no one can guarantee that these games will let you win at all. Therefore, the Go Wild software providers are perfect for you and most players who like risky games of chance but still want to have chances to succeed.

Payment options

Go Wild understands that it’s equally important for both casino owners and players to have plenty of options to make deposits and withdraw the winnings. You can’t play for real money without making a deposit, and sometimes you want to make a new deposit quickly to continue playing – so you have to have an option to do it conveniently. It’s also significant for a casino, because a player who can’t make a deposit quickly can get frustrated and stop gambling – and that isn’t what a casino wants.

If you’re a lucky player who has won, then you have to wait up to 48 hours before you can get your money – this pending period is necessary because a casino has to check whether you won this money fairly, and whether it’s even you who tries to collect your prize. Also, different payment methods work differently, so while e-wallets need up to a few hours to give your money to you, some other options may need up to 5 business days for it.


This company has really lots of options to choose from when it comes to deposits. It’s more than 30 money transaction options you can enjoy, so basically everyone can find something convenient for themselves. You can use standard cards, popular international payment systems, e-wallets – basically anything you might want. The deposits are pretty fast, so you can play quickly after you send the money.


When it comes to withdrawal methods, the casino also gives you plenty of options to pick the best one for you. Like many other services, Go Wild has fewer options for withdrawals than for deposits, but the list is still pretty impressive – about 14 methods you can use. Once again, you can use cards, e-wallets, and basically everything except for checks. A good thing is that a casino has no fees, but you need to check whether your favorite payment method has fees in advance.


Casino cares about its customers’ safety – so it has multiple licenses, reliable software providers, and a decent customer support service. Though it might take some time for a manager to answer your question, the team is full of pretty friendly, responsive, and actually helpful professionals who want you to have a nice gambling experience. You can ask them anything via live chat, e-mail, or a phone call – it only depends on how quickly you want to get an answer. Live chats tend to be the fastest, but sometimes the managers don’t have time to answer anyone quickly, especially in weekends – so customers sometimes have to wait for 10 or more minutes before they get a message back from a manager.

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