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Canadian gamblers aren’t only limited to Canadian online casinos – they can try out lots of international casino services before they find their favorites. One of the international casinos that you can enjoy is Emu Casino – an Australian platform with a decent collection of casino titles and legit reputation. While it’s not a top-tier option for players from Canada, some gamblers actually find it pretty useful and promising – so in this Emu Casino review we’ll try to find out, why.

While most modern casinos have pretty positive reviews and rates from reviewers, Emu Casino is a bit controversial. It definitely has lots of great features that make players excited, but every second Emu Casino review rates it as “a bit above average”. Why are their reviews so restrained and even cold? In this Emu Casino review, we’ll try to find out whether it’s something wrong with this Australian platform, or is it just reviewers being judgmental towards a small and promising casino website.

A bit about the platform

Emu Casino isn’t a new platform: it was created back in 2012, and it has lots of experience in this business. While the casino was made in Australia, it’s licensed in Curaçao – it’s also a pretty popular option for most online gambling sites. While this authority is pretty famous and widespread, it’s way laxer than some other licensing options – and that’s why some customers and experts feel a bit cautious about it. This “lax” license doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t trust the service at all – just be a bit careful at the beginning and start with smaller bets there.

It’s still pretty hard to stay in business for a decade, and it’s even harder to stay legit and popular. The fact that the casino is still available for potential players not only from Australia, but also Canada, US, and other countries means that it’s worth it. Emu Casino Online has passed the time test – but is it worth your attention anyway?


Nowadays, most casinos choose not to concentrate on one or two types of games they can provide. Instead, they want to present almost every type of casino game you can only imagine, so customers will always stay entertained. Emu Casino Online also has lots of games on its platform, so you can choose exactly what you like and play it there without surfing the net and looking for other casino websites.

The casino’s collection of titles is pretty impressive: it contains over 1,000 games made by various software providers, but mostly Evolution. You can find lots of other famous names there in the list: Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, Quickspin, and others. The only thing you probably won’t find there is Pragmatic Play Live – and that’s a pity, because this software is just great.

So, what types of games you can try out there?


Well, it’s obvious that slots make the biggest part of the casino’s collection of titles. Slots are bright, attractive, easy to play and make, and they actually can be really rewarding – so it’s no surprise why most casinos have like thousands of these games on their sites. Emu Casino has a great list of popular games, including the top-tier ones – and it probably can’t impress you a lot. What’s better, you can arrange and sort them conveniently because of the special filters available. Sort them by name, developer, type, popularity, and other features to find your best game and nail it.

The local collection of online pokies has various types of slots. You can try out games with 3 reels, 5 reels, games with amazing 3D graphics, old-school games, games with famous characters and franchises – in other words, you can find anything there! Some of these slots are better for newbies because of their low volatility and simple gameplay. Others are better for experienced and skilled high-rollers who know that sometimes you need risking a bit to succeed. Also, the real daredevils can try some Progressive games with unbelievable jackpots – and though it’s hard to win at them, the luckiest ones will be rewarded!

Live Games

If regular casino games seem a bit too boring to you, then you can try some Live games at Emu Casino. They can make you feel like a guest of a real land-based service, and they can also help you win lots of money!

This category of games includes popular table games, lots of famous card games, Craps and Video Poker – in other words, you won’t get bored there. If you have some skills in these games (and you actually need skills to become a great player there), then you should give them a chance.

The number of games available isn’t that big at the moment – there are only 19 games to enjoy. But these games are really enjoyable and potentially rewarding, so give them a try.

Other popular games

If you know how to play Baccarat, Blackjack, or other popular card games, then you’ll probably find some great games there. These games need knowledge and experience, but you can actually influence your results a lot, and that’s why gamblers love them. Also, they are simply enjoyable and fun, and you can relax and spend time well playing them.


Nowadays, almost every existing casino uses bonuses to attract new customers, and this tactic works every time. This casino has more than just a new player bonus – it also provides some free spins for Emu Casino players, and you don’t even need any deposit for it! Of course, it’s only one game you can use them for, and there are only 50 of them, but free spins are still amazing because they increase your chances to win a lot.

If you’re a new player there, then you can claim a Welcome Bonus. It’s divided into 3 parts, and you can get each of them after you make three deposits in a row. Three of them match your deposit up to $100, but the first one doubles it completely, the second one matches only 25% of it, and the last one matched a half of it. In total, you can get up to $1,000 in bonuses, which is nice – but don’t forget that you’ll have to rollover it later.

The wagering requirements of this service aren’t particularly easy: you are expected to rollover your bonus 45 times in 30 days. It’s not that easy, but the experienced players can do it and get their prize. Less experienced players shouldn’t aim for the biggest bonuses, it’s better to rollover a smaller bonus than to fail a big one.

If you’re looking for some Emu Casino bonus codes online, then you probably won’t find many of them, because most bonuses don’t require any codes for activation. But if you keep looking carefully, then you’ll find out some Emu Casino bonus codes that can make your gameplay more rewarding. They aren’t particularly big or generous, but they can make it more fun to play – so surf the net occasionally to find out more.

PC and Mobile gambling

Even though almost every existing casino is made for PC users in the first place, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy most of them via your smartphone. Some services have apps and some don’t, but you have an opportunity to play and win some real money in most cases. Let’s see what this platform can offer.

PC access

If you have a laptop or a desktop computer, then you can enjoy all games and functions of the casino’s full version. The service looks pretty modern, and it clearly has its own style and a mascot – a cartoon-like bird wearing a bow tie. The main colors of the service are black and orange, and it creates a bright contrast, but the design is mostly made in black, gray and white, so your eyes won’t get tired too soon.

The casino’s navigation is clearly well-thought of. You can easily find all the important categories of the service: the most popular games, bonuses, a sign-up button, customer support service, and so on. Emu Casino also has a pretty huge ad on its homepage, and you can know more about the recent bonuses, the most popular games, and other important things.

All the games from the casino’s collection are easily available when you’re a PC player. You don’t even need to download any software to try them out – they are instant, and it’s easy and pleasant to play them.

Mobile gambling

If you happen not to like PC gambling, then you can try Emu Casino Mobile. No, it’s not an app, and you don’t have to download any software as well – you just visit the website via your mobile browser and call it a day. The website is well-adapted and convenient, so you can easily operate it and find whatever you need to find there.

Of course, the collection of titles is way smaller for mobile players, but it’s not the casino’s fault – lots of developers make their games only available for PC users. But it doesn’t mean you can’t play or win money at all – you can still enjoy some great instant games that work perfectly fine via smartphones. They are good-looking and potentially rewarding, so try them out.


The casino has a nice list of payment options available – both for deposits and withdrawals. The list of options is pretty standard, but it also has some less popular options like Flexepin, Bitcoin, and eZeeWallet. All of them are nice and trustworthy, but most of them have some limits, so make sure they are suitable for you, and you can get your huge winnings without paying any huge fee.

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