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After cryptocurrencies became popular, lots of new online casinos that support crypto appeared. While it’s easy to find a casino with Bitcoin occasionally, some services are dedicated to crypto in the first place, so crypto enthusiasts find them really promising and appealing. So, if you’re into new technologies and astonishing prizes, then try the new online casino using Bitcoin –!

There aren’t many Bitcoin Casino reviews yet – most of them are just about random services that have Bitcoin as one of the available payment methods. But what about a service with a public image that is completely dedicated to this cryptocurrency? Is it even worth your attention? Well, lots of Bitcoin casino reviews (including this one) can help you find out more before you try it on your own. The Bitcoin Casino Online clearly has lots of amazing features that can attract lots of crypto enthusiasts, but is this service actually great on its own?

Let’s find out more about the platform

Bitcoin Casino Online is a pretty new and promising service. It was created in 2019 by Direx N.V. Casinos, so it’s not a newbie – the casino already has lots of experience in this business. The casino owners have decided to make something eye-catching and trendy, but also something that is actually modern and advanced. While crypto isn’t really such a new thing, lots of online casino still prefer not to use this technology, because it’s way too unstable and unpredictable. That’s kinda ironic, because gambling is unpredictable and risky on its own.

But is there something special about this service, or is it just a casino with Bitcoins? Well, Bitcoin Casino Online focuses not only on this crypto, but also on anonymity, the newest software, convenience, and safety. The main goal of this company was to create an advanced and diverse platform that has everything that an established and time-tested casino has, but also with the best modern features.

The fact that the casino has such a name makes it both easier and harder for it to stand out. It clearly attracts lots of attention, but it also can get lost through hundreds of Bitcoin casino reviews – so it’s no surprise why you’ve probably never heard of this platform. At the same time, it has lots of features that make it just a great gambling platform in the first place, so let’s find out more.


Even though most people nowadays use their mobile gadgets for entertainment way more often than they use their PCs, online casinos still tend to have PC-oriented websites. A good thing is that these services are often well-adapted to be great for mobile browsers, or they have some special mobile apps for iOS and Android users. You can enjoy Bitcoin Casino online wherever you are as long as your Internet connection is stable, but what’s the best way of using it?

PC access

Online Bitcoin Casino has a modern and good-looking website with great design, nice navigation, and an astonishing collection of games. The service looks simple but modern, all the important categories of the site are easy to find, and even the color scheme of the pages don’t make your eyes too tired. While the casino’s main page has lots of icons because of how much content the site has, it’s still easy to find exactly what you need: the icons looks clear and easy to understand, and even less experienced players won’t get confused there.

Most Bitcoin casino sites have purple as their main color, and this one is no exception. The main page has lots of colorful, bright icons to show you all the best and the newest games the service has. The site looks appealing, and even though the main page has some bright ads, all of them are about the casino’s content, the newest bonuses and games, so they don’t irritate customers.

However, the best thing about the PC version is that you can enjoy all local games without any downloads! The service has thousands of titles, and all of them are instant, so you don’t have to install any additional software, which is nice – the quality of local content is actually impressive.

Mobile access

Let’s imagine that you don’t have any PC, or you simply don’t want to use it for gambling – lots of people dislike the idea of spending hours in front of their computers. A good thing is that mobile Bitcoin Casino is also pretty functional and convenient, and you can enjoy a decent collection of titles wherever you are. Not all of them, obviously – most of the software is mainly made for PCs, not smartphones, but some real-money games work pretty fine even on comparatively small displays.

A sad part is that the casino doesn’t have any app to download – you can only use a mobile version of the website via your mobile browser. While most users still prefer apps, not mobile websites, it’s much cheaper for casinos not to create them. Also, App Store and Play Market tend to delete casino apps from their platforms, so most clients wouldn’t find these apps anyway, because they don’t want to download anything from official casino websites. Therefore, a mobile browser version is the best option for both players and casino owners, and it’s still a very functional and diverse option, so most players won’t find anything to complain about.


BitcoinCasino is clearly an example of a very modern casino – and its astonishing amount of content shows that well. While some more old-school services have a few hundreds of games only, the newest platforms have thousands of games, and this platform is no exception, because it currently has over 4,000 games. While it’s hard to imagine a gambler who would genuinely try out at least half of these titles, it seems that such a number of titles exist just to show the casino’s superiority and power. BitcoinCasino can afford thousands of games, so it has them – and its potential customers know it!

The casino has all the same categories of content that you expect from a modern, top-tier service. The biggest part of all games consists of slots, then you can find lots of table games, plenty of casual casino games like scratchcards, and a huge Live dealer casino. In other words, you can explore the content for weeks without playing the same game twice, and won lots of real money there.


Slot games, or pokies, are visually pleasing, easy to operate and produce, so both casinos and customers love them. You don’t have to play hundreds of casino slots to understand how they work – basically, all of them have similar mechanics, and most games have only a few different types. The simplest Classic titles are basically just like the old slot machines from the past – they only have three reels and a few paylines, with no bonuses or mini-games.  More advanced modern games have so many bonus features that they can be extremely enjoyable – even though slots don’t really have any gameplay. Change your bets and pick the paylines, and that’s it – these games can help you relax and win lots of money.

Card games and Table games

While not all “classic” casino games include cards, they often go to the same category – at least, because people are used to associate them with land-based casinos and luxury atmosphere. In fact, lots of people play games like Poker and Craps just for fun, because they actually are entertaining and enjoyable. They also have some rules, betting strategies, and they require experience and skills – so they are not for everyone. At the same time, that’s the best part about them – great players can actually increase their chances to win a lot.

Progressive games

Take slots, make them harder to win, and add some incredible jackpots that can sometimes be $1,000,000 and more – and that’s why players love Progressive games. They are pretty similar to slots, but they are mostly made for high-rollers who know how to risk and what for. The luckiest players can become rich overnight!

Other games

If you don’t need any gameplay at all, but still want to win some money, then you can try lotteries and scratch cards. They are relatively cheap and hard to win, but the jackpots are sometimes astonishing – that’s why even many non-gamblers love these games and buy lottery tickets sometimes.

Live Dealer games

These are officially the most visually attractive games you can enjoy – they can make you feel like a guest of a real luxury place. Once again, it’s better not to play there unless you have enough experience, but if you do, then you can have lots of fun there, and win lots of money as well.

In other words, the casino’s collection is so big and diverse, that you can find basically everything there. It’s easy to get lost because of how huge the collection is, so choose carefully!


You can’t sell a casino without a decent welcome bonus – that’s an unspoken rule of modern online gambling. It’s even better if you have more than just a new player bonus, so you can keep the existing players interested. BitcoinCasino knows the rules, so it has some appealing promotions that you can enjoy – just pick the one you like the best! Remember that casinos never do anything completely for free, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get profits there.

You’re welcome

If you’re a new customer, then you can use a special Welcoming bonus – it only works once, so make sure that you make the most of it. It works like a standard deposit multiplier, but it’s in Bitcoins – the minimum deposit to claim the bonus is 0,003BTC. The bonus is divided into multiple deposits:

  • The first bonus matches your deposit up to 0,1BTC;
  • The second one matches half of it up to 0,1BTC.

It’s not enough just to make two deposits – you should also rollover the bonus 40 times first. The experienced players will find it pretty manageable, while new and casual gamblers can find it too tough to do. You should also remember that you should rollover the bonus in 30 days to get a prize, and that different games give you different points. For example, the points you get while playing slots count as 100%, but most table games don’t, because these games have different type of points.


This Bitcoin Casino has free spins – and that’s another reason why it’s so popular. Of course, gamblers know well that their hobby is sometimes extremely risky and expensive, but everyone loves getting things for free, and free Bitcoin Casino spins can actually make a huge difference.

The casino has various tournaments and quests where you can win some free spins for Bitcoin Casino. These tournaments change regularly, so make sure you stay tuned and check the updates regularly.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect hundreds of spins completely for free – the casino isn’t that generous. At the same time, even a few dozens of free spins can increase your chances to win a lot, so they are worth your efforts. Play to have more fun, and get the prizes that can let you win even more – that’s how the casino attracts new loyal clients.

Other promotions

The casino wants to make sure you are a loyal and active player, so it adds some more bonuses to collect. From Friday to Sunday, you can get some free spins when making deposits – that’s a nice prize for active gamblers who want to relax after weekdays and win some money.  “Losers” also win, so you can get up to 500 free spins when you lose at some point – so find out more about these promotions to use them wisely.


The most active players receive even more gifts – and the VIP program is a good example of it. When a customer plays a lot, spends and wins lots of money, a casino doesn’t want to lose him: one active customer can “value” as much as lots of beginners who aren’t as active or risky. BitcoinCasino has VIP clients, and they receive more prizes and get access to special and exclusive promotions. To become a VIP, you should be active and collect points. More points mean higher levels, and every level from 1 to 7 opens more opportunities for a customer. One of the best things a VIP client can have is cashback – that can be very handy for an active gambler.

Money in and out

Money transactions are vital for every casino – that’s the beginning for every game, and it’s the result that the luckiest players receive. It’s even more important for a service that is literally called BitcoinCasino: players come there for one very special feature in the first place – for deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Well, it’s safe to say that BitcoinCasino does everything right: you can easily see lots of nice options to choose from for both payments and banking. The whole greeting bonus is based on Bitcoins, and you obviously can use the same thing for getting your prizes. Also, crypto isn’t the only option that’s available for you – it’s just one of the given options, and you’re strongly encouraged to use it, but not limited.


Literally nothing at a casino works without a deposit. Players have to have access to making new deposits constantly, because deposits tend to run out of money somewhere at the midnight – and you’ as a player, has to do something about it. BitcoinCasino offers multiple deposit options to select from. You can use:

  • Cards. It’s easy – Visa and MasterCard work everywhere, it’s easy and relatively fast;
  • Interac, EcoPayz, Skrill, etc. These popular payment methods are available in many countries all over the world because of their convenience. They surely sometimes have fees, but it’s not that important for many players – they are ready to deal with them;
  • Bitcoin. There’s nothing to add – use your crypto to make new deposits and continue playing at any moment.

Seems easy, right? Most players can easily pick one or two of these options to use regularly, and they face no problems there. Everything works fast and conveniently, you just need to know about the minimum deposit of $10 – it’s a small limit, so most players don’t even pay attention to it.


Let’s imagine that you’re a lucky person who has won a fortune, so now you have to withdraw it somehow. There, you can also pick one of the methods, but just make sure your withdrawal is big enough for the service. The minimum for BTC is usually 0.01 BTC, and the maximum is 0.5. Most players find it convenient enough, especially when you see how fast these withdrawals are.

Some payment options aren’t that fast, though. For example, bank transfers can turn your withdrawal into a 1-5 business day adventure, and no one wants that. They also often have fees, so it’s way more convenient to use crypto or some other withdrawal methods for that.


You can be sure that BitcoinCasino is a licensed platform – that’s true. Players prefer not to deal with unlicensed services, and they are right about it – but you also should remember that not all licenses are equally strong and secure. For instance, this casino is tested and checked by Curaçao – a famous and pretty popular authority. Lots of people are sure that this license is a bit weaker than a license given by MGA or UKGC, but it’s still way better than nothing – so you can be play there safely.

Another thing that guarantees your safety is a special SSL technology – the newest type. The casino always makes sure that your data is safe and well-protected, so use it without being worried about someone stealing it. It’s even better to know that even the customer support workers don’t have any direct access to your info and passwords, and they are still able to help you in case you lose your password.

The casino’s safety also guaranteed by the popular and well-tested software developers you can find there. If you can remember a famous and popular game-making company, then you can probably find it there. The list includes Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Red Tiger, and so on – the real giants of this industry. All these companies have checked the service’s games and how they work, so you can be sure that all the RTPs and volatility rates are real, and you can actually win there.


BitcoinCasino is a pretty attractive platform: it has a surprising number of titles to try out, it’s relatively generous, and it also has plenty of payment methods available. Why isn’t this casino popular, then? Well, it is – but it’s not as popular as some other giants of the industry. This young casino definitely has its own audience, and it seems to get even more later – that’s a nice site for both crypto enthusiasts and those who have all chances to become ones later.

Is it worth your attention? Well, it depends on how muck you like crypto and thousands of games to choose from. If you aren’t into Bitcoin, then this casino won’t be any special to you – but that’s not a bad thing on its own. At the same time, if you love crypto, then it’s a great place to play – just stay tuned and make sure it’s potentially profitable to play there.

BitcoinCasino is definitely a new website, so it has all chances to grow later. It’s convenient, attractive, and diverse – so younger players won’t stay away from it! Make a deposit and give this casino a chance to surprise you. nettsted bruker filer for å spore trafikk og funksjonalitet. Les mer om cookies her.